29 August 2013

British WW1 soldiers wills and letters available

Wills and letters of 278,000 English and Welsh soldiers from World War I are to be made available online according to articles from the BBC and the Guardian.
Search the index by name, date or regimental number for free, and obtain  a copy of any will for a statutory fee of £6.
Information on accessing Scottish and Irish soldiers wills, which are archived separately, is available on Chris Paton's blog at http://goo.gl/Ui1hWj


Anonymous said...

Anne in Ottawa says,
I searched the Irish site using all the family names I know. Even though I did not break through any of my brick walls, it was an emotional moment each time I saw a simple will written in the soldier's own handwriting. The Irish site includes both parts of Ireland, and is very easy to use.

Susan said...

Thanks for the tip on the Scottish and Irish wills. I cross reference the regimental number with other free sites to see if I can obtain more clues before adding the image to the cart. Yes, a frugal Scot I am.