22 August 2013

One World, One Family Conference

My presentation is ready, the handouts prepared and material for display assembled. On Friday I leave for Brampton and a conference I've been looking forward to for months.
The Fourth Annual One World - One Family Family History Conference gets underway this Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 09:00 AM at 10062 Bramalea Rd. Brampton,ON
Featuring a keynote address by Dr. Donald R. Snow and final plenary address by Brian Gilchrist, the full list of speakers and presentations is at http://www.oneworldonefamily-theevent.com/Conference/Details/4 which includes a link to a detailed schedule.
My presentation, which will be given twice, is Family Secrets Revealed Through Genetic Genealogy. Organizer Helen Warner emailed to let me know my 11 am session is in the Cultural Hall (Gym) and has 49 registrants; my 1 pm session will be in the Chapel with about the same number but liable to change.
I'll be sharing a table with handouts and information, although I'm also looking forward to catching a couple of other presentations.
I hope to see you there. Please introduce yourself.


Barbara Tose said...

Please say hello to Brian Gilchrist for me if you can. I took classes with Brian when I first got into genealogy back in '82.

The conference sounds very interesting. Hope you have a good time. For your presentations: Break a leg!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you there John,my name is Frank McGonigal and I'm a non member volunteer at the Brampton Family History Centre.