25 September 2014

50% off Findmypast

You may have had the opportunity to try the Findmypast site at the BIFHSGO conference; perhaps you won one of the door prizes they offered or took advantage of the 50 free credits available to all attendees.

Now there's a 50% off offer - that gets my attention - available from findmypast.co.uk until the end of September.

Get your 12 month Britain subscription today for just £49.75 (usually £99.50). Your discount will be applied automatically, but should you have any trouble, simply type the code SEPT50 into the promotional code box at the bottom of the payment page and click 'apply'.
I'm a long time findmypast subscriber, now through the .com site. Their unique resources, especially the digitized British newspapers, keep me renewing. And in case you wonder, I get no kickback from publicizing this offer.

By the way, Findmymypast and findmypast are used interchangeably on the company websites.

UPDATE: The British Newspaper Archive is also offering a discount, 40% off a 12 month subscriptions until the end of September, that's £47.97. You'll need to enter the code SEPTEMBER12 on the subscription page.


jon said...

I just signed up.

There was no automatically applied 50% discount.

There was no place to put SEPT50.

Now have been dinged for L100 which I cannot afford.

Have written to them to ask for the 50% to be applied.

Will they do it ? Hmmmmm


jon said...

Next day they refunded 50%.

Just like that.