24 September 2014

Ancestry Update Ontario BMDs

Ancestry has updated Ontario BMD records sourced from the Archives of Ontario. Lesley Anderson, consultant with Ancestry, informs that the update includes:

  • The right side or second page of several ledgers, previously missing from the browse, now added.
  • Several marriage records with years 1907 and 1926 are corrected to 1901 and 1920, respectively.
  • Other corrections are made to record or browse data based on member services tickets.
  • Additional fields are opened for corrections in the image viewer.
  • No new records are added, so this collection presently comprises:
- Births, with 2,172,124 records covering 1869-1913.
- Marriages, with 3,393,369 records for 1801-1928 including Ontario county, district and Roman Catholic origins as well as province-wide civil registration.
- Deaths, with 2,190,030 records comprising Ontario civil registrations of deaths, 1869-1938 and registrations of Ontario overseas deaths for 1939-1947.

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