03 September 2014

More Rockstar Genealogist nominations

Several names have been added to the Rockstar Genealogist nominations list at http://anglo-celtic-connections.blogspot.ca/2014/09/rockstar-genealogists-2014-who-you-you.html. I'm finding I left out some obvious names. It's good to see new (to me) people being nominated. If they're new to you feel free to Google them.

Special thanks to Randy Seaver who mentioned nomination during the Mondays with Myrt Google+ hangout. A suggestion from that discussion has been added, and for those poor souls who don't know that DearMyrtle is actually Pat Richley-Erickson that's added as well.

There's room for more nominations.

Based on your votes the rockstar genealogist results last year were: Overall (International), Australia and New Zealand, Canada, UK and Ireland and US based on the country of affiliation of the voter.
This year I intend continuing that and adding, numbers warranting, a ranking of those nominated for the first time this year - rising stars, and of rockstar genetic genealogists.

Do you know someone who should be nominated but is not yet included? Send in a nomination by leaving a comment at http://goo.gl/XZqI0F. Include a note if you'd prefer the nomination to be anonymous and the comment will not be posted.

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