03 September 2014

Spencer Wells - Rockstar Genealogist?

I received a nomination to include Spencer Wells in the Rockstar Genealogist survey. It was my pleasure to attend his recent keynote presentation at the recent Institute for Genetic Genealogy event in Chevy Chase. He has spoken at Rootstech and will give the Keynote Address at Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2014.

Googling you find him described as population geneticist, author, National Geographic explorer in residence and as "building a family tree for humanity."

Merriam-Webster defines genealogy as "the study of family history" and  "the history of a particular family showing how the different members of the family are related to each other."

Your advice please. Is Spencer Wells a genealogist? Should he be included in the Rockstar Genealogist poll?

Please provide your advice by responding to the poll below.

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