02 September 2014

Rockstar genealogist publicity thanks

Thanks to Kirsty Gray (@TheKirstyGray, first off the mark), Jill Ball (@geniaus), Gail Dever (genealogyalacarte.ca/), Ken MacKinlay ( @kmwebott), @BIFHSGO, Thomas MacEntee (hidefgen.com/), @GuildOneName, Mondays with Myrt (http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/p/mondays-with-myrt.html), @familytreemaguk, Karen Clare ( @cloudfamhist), @ARebelHand, @RememberMe_RT,  @jacqistevens, @CeliaHeritage, @DebbieKennett and Karen Cummings @CummingsPFH for publicizing that nominations are open for Rockstar Genealogists 2014.
Nominations and corrections, thanks Randy, are being added to the list as they are received.

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