05 September 2014

Rockstar Genealogist nominations end Saturday

It's been encouraging to see a slew of nominations coming in for the Rockstar Genealogist poll. Thanks to those who sent them in. The number has tailed off, I'll cut off receiving nominations on Saturday  -- which of course won't stop people sending in more when the voting opens -- along with the comment "how could you have missed ....."

Candidly I'm doubtful about some of the nominations. Just as with musicians not every talented genealogist, no matter how hard they work, is a rockstar. I'm going to cull the list, and have already done so for some nominations where googling the name and genealogy produced nothing but an entry in Geni. Neither will I provide links for nominees, a rockstar doesn't need them. Just google the name if you want.

1 comment:

GeniAus said...

You run the comp - you set the rules. That seems fair.