20 September 2014

Commonwealth Rockstar Genealogists

Join me in congratulating the top Rockstar Genealogists as voted by residents of Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

1. Janet Few
1. Chris Paton
3. Dick Eastman
4. Kirsty Gray
5. Thomas MacEntee
6. Lisa Louise Cooke
7. Judy G. Russell
8. Else Churchill
9. Debbie Kennett
10. Celia Heritage

Seven of the ten are women.
97% of people nominated received votes.
70% of respondents identified themselves as women.
45% of voters were from the England and Wales, 31% from Canada, 21% from Australia and New Zealand, and 3% from Scotland.
Five of the top ten are from England, four from the US and one from Scotland.

1 comment:

Chris Paton said...

Very flattered just to be on such a list of the great and the good in the genie world - thanks all! :)