13 September 2014

Withdrawl from Rockstar Genealogist poll

I've received the following email from Elizabeth Shown Mills

John, with much respect for the excellence you are encouraging among those who research, write, and teach, I have a request to make: Having come in first both prior years, I should be disqualified—just as recipients of APG’s Smallwood Award are not nominated again in future years. Please drop my name.
Even though a large number of votes are cast for Elizabeth I'll respect the request and not tabulate votes for Elizabeth for Rockstar Genealogist rankings for 2014.


Lesley Anderson said...

John, I agree with Elizabeth and ask that you consider removing those who have won before to leave room for the other great contributors. Otherwise those "tier A" speakers will always be stealing the limelight! ;)

Randy Seaver said...

John, I guess you'll just have to have a new poll for gods and goddesses of Genealogy.

Stump Craig said...

Just finding my name in the considered 150 is good enough for me. I would not remove those who have won before from the list. I would recommend just making them ineligible in the running by identifying them as previous winners. Otherwise people will look at the list and think it is flawed because it does not include names such as ESM or TJ or any of the other past winners.