21 September 2014

Rockstar Genealogists Comments

Many comments to the poll sang the praises of those they voted for, and more generally:

"A great list. Aren't we lucky to have so many wonderful experts to learn from!!"
Some were not complimentary:
"Some of these have got to be a joke!"
Despite have opened nominations for five days with good publicity on various social media many people took the trouble to write comments included names of other people - 76 in all:

Deborah Abbott
Cameron Allen
Emily D. Aulicino
Stewart Baldwin
Bernice Bennett
Lloyd Bockstruck
David Bowie
Marwood Braund
John Anderson Brayton
Melinde Byrne
Joe Buggy
Angie Bush
Bruce Buzbee
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
Sarah Cato
Shannon Christmas
Alex Daw
Laura DeGrazia
John Blythe Dobson
Elyse Doerflinger
John Donaldson
Bruce Elliott
Guy Etchells
Sr Mary de Lourdes Fahy
Aiden Feerick
R. Yves Gagne
Henry L Gates
Paul Gorry
Caitlin Gow
Karen Mauer Green
Alan Greenspan
Boyd Grey
Linley Hooper
Daniel Hubbard
Kathy Johnston
Margaret Jordan
Shamele Jordon
Michael Lacopo
David Allen Lambert
Jenny Lanctot
Elizabeth LaPointe
Lisa Lee
Denise Levenick
Barbara Vines Little
Leslie Mahler
Kenneth Marks
David McDonald
Julie Miller
Nicola Morris
Sean Murphy
Shelly Murphy
Michael John Neill
Kenneth Nordtvedt
Eileen M. ÓDúill
Ugo Perego
Paul C. Reed
Barbara Renick
Cynthia Richardson
Douglas Richardson
Miriam Robbins
Gary Boyd Roberts
Melinde Lutz Sanborn
Pam Sayre
Rick Sayre
Kerry Scott
Ginger Smith
Helen Smith
Diahan Southard
Paul Stone
Bryan Sykes
Nat Taylor
Neil D. Thompson
Angela Walton-Raji
Debbie Parker Wayne
Stephen White
Jane E. Wilcox

Some thought the whole thing a waste of time.
"... this Rock Star poll is rather silly and borderline unprofessional."
When the dust settles I'll ask for comments to see if the community wants to continue this poll into a fourth year, if so whether continuing with an open nomination process which could mean 250 or more names to look through is still the way to go, and whether there's scope for further geographic or other segmentation.

1 comment:

Thomas MacEntee said...


Please don't let those with overly tight corsets and who are too busy clutching their pearl necklaces dissuade you from holding the Genealogy Rockstar contest.

I appreciate all the work you put into this and it helps highlight the good work of over 100 genealogists and family historians.

Being in the genealogy biz for over five years now, I've learned to just follow my own judgment and not listen to the negativism which rears its ugly head from time to time.

If YOU enjoy doing this contest each year and if YOU feel that it brings value to the community, then go for it. In fact, there are probably ways where I and other bloggers would love to help you out next year.