19 September 2014

DNA Rockstar Genealogists

Join me in congratulating the top Rockstar Genealogists as voted by those identifying themselves as genetic genealogists.

1. Roberta Estes
2. CeCe Moore
3. Judy G. Russell
4. Megan Smolenyak
5. Bennett Greenspan
6. Blaine Bettinger
7. Dick Eastman

8. Tim Janzen
9. D. Joshua Taylor
10. Stephen P. Morse

Here are some statistics:

Four of the ten are women.
98% of people nominated received votes.
71% of respondents identified themselves as women.
All are from the USA
The top non-US vote-getter was Debbie Kennett who didn't quite make the top ten

Those above the break received at least half the number of votes as the top vote-getter.

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