27 September 2016

Associated Press Acquires British Movietone Film Archive

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the acquisition of the archive of British Movietone News. The Movietone archive includes thousands of reports of international news events from 1929 to 1879 including World War II, the first recorded speeches by Gandhi, film of the “British Invasion” of America by the Beatles and the only 35mm footage of Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.

So far, about 85% of the archive—or roughly 2,200 hours of film—has been digitized.

Since 2015 some of collection has been available on YouTube.

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Gail B said...

Just a comment. Once a week I receive the youtube video of choice from the archive, presented by a vary amiable librarian. Some of the videos are just fun; others quite compelling and distressing.

Gail B