30 September 2016

Scotlands People website relaunched

After a bit of delay the revamped version of the ScotlandsPeople website providing commercial access to government custody records is now online.

The good news is that searching the indexes relating to the Birth, Death and Marriage Register, Old Parish Register or Open Census records is free. You can search without logging on to find the number of hits in each category for the name and year range specified. You do need to be a registered user, and may need to update your password, to see the index search results. For example, for births, the free results returned are Surname, Forename, Gender, Year, Ref, and RD Name. A search on surname and registration district may yield siblings birth registrations, useful if the name isn't too common. A fee applies to view the original record image.

Credits are carried over from the previous site. The not so good news is there is a cost increase from £7 to £7.50 for 30 credits. Six credits purchase a a single image view.

For more detailed, and informed comment, see Chris Paton's blog at http://britishgenes.blogspot.ca/2016/09/new-scotlandspeople-website-is-launched.html

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