06 September 2016

Nobody went from Ireland to America

John Grenham's latest blog post, boosting a couple of events during which he is presenting, has some really nice words about a Carleton University History Prof, and BIFHSGO Hall of Famer.

"Bruce Elliott’s Irish Migrants in the Canadas, A New Approach, (2nd ed. McGill-Queen’s University Press 2002), which details 775 Protestant smallholder families who migrated from North Tipperary to the Ottawa Valley, is the founder of the genre and still a shining example."
The book is in the inventory of Globalgenealogy.com which will be in the marketplace at the BIFHSGO conference this coming weekend. They will also have copies of the new book by Lucille Campey, Atlantic Canada's Irish Immigrants: a fish and timber story, and be selling AncestryDNA test kits. All good reasons to stop by the globalgenealogy.com stand. You can visit the marketplace at Ben Franklin Place, the same building as the Centrepointe Library, without registering for the BIFHSGO conference.

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Epona said...

Relatives of ancestors left Co. Antrim and went to Pittsburgh and started a transport business of some description ( details are ...misty). We always assumed Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania UNTIL we learned of Pittsburg Township in Frontenac County near Kingston in a book called "Burrs and Blackberries From Goodwood" by Eleanor Todd, who had the same last name as the ancestors who left. Some details matched. Haven't found conclusive proof...yet, but could/might be the missing family....