29 September 2016

Free publicity for the genealogy community

The following is an announcement sent by Rick Roberts of a free publicity opportunity for genealogy events.

In an effort to improve Global Genealogy’s  Upcoming Events page (http://globalgenealogy.com/admin/events.htm  ), we’ve added an automated tool that allows groups to post their own events.  We will still moderate the event postings to avoid the problem of the nefarious hijacking the site with spam.  That means that when you add an event, we receive an automatic email notification that the event  has been added but not made public yet…  we bring up the event and approve it going public.  That process will create a small delay in posting but will usually go public the same day.

In the interest of easy navigation we ask event posters to keep their listings brief and provide links or contact information where those who are interested can get more information.

This automated system is only a few hours old, so when users add meeting info, I would appreciate their opinion about what works well and what could be improved in the process.  That feedback can be addressed to rick (at) globalgenealogy.com  

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