18 September 2016

Rockstar Genealogist 2016: Comments

Appended below is a compilation of the comments included with the votes. In some cases the comment is redacted in part to avoid legal cases for defamation.

I regret the mix up which meant those who attempted to vote within the first seven hours were only able to select one person. That was remedied and folks had the opportunity to return and add people.

Once again there were numerous instances of people wanting to add to the nomination list who didn't do so during the week nominations were open. Some who had received few votes in previous years, had been deleted from the list, and nobody nominated them again. In some cases names suggested were already on the list, is it already too long for them to notice?

Despite objections to the requirement to have a Google or Gmail account to vote the number of voters was only marginally down from last year. It is evident this did not entirely eliminate duplicate voting. Suggestions on how to do so welcome.

Finally, there are inevitably those nominated who are disappointed in the result. Anyone nominated is already a local genealogy hero and should have received recognition locally. However, it's not just about being the smartest, most up-to-date, knowledgeable, diligent and helpful genealogist, the best presenter or the most active blogger. It's a combination. If you aspire to the next level consider how you can better measure up against the criteria:

Rockstar genealogists are those who give "must attend" presentations at family history conferences or as webinars; who when you see a new family history article or publication by that person, makes it a must buy; those you hang on their every word on a blog, podcast or newsgroup, or follow avidly on Facebook or Twitter.
Just as in an election it's OK and expected to ask for a vote. That's easier, not quite essential if you reach a large audience by contributing on a regular basis through a blog or other social media activity.

This won't allow me to vote for more than one in one country.
Couldn't work out how to vote for more than one and there are several great speakers.
You may want to correct the spelling of Kirsty Gray's surname if it doesn't affect the results.
There's a few but it only allows me to pick one
i was only able to choose one person. According to the header, multiple choices are allowed.
My choices for Rockstar Genealogist(s) 2016 Else Churchill (UK) Turi King (UK) Kirsty Grey (UK) Lisa Louise Cooke (USA) Crista Cowen (USA) Cyndi Ingle (USA) Elizabeth Shown Mills (USA, not tabulated) Jackie Depelle (UK) Debbie Kennett (UK) Dick Eastman (USA) Roberta Estes (USA) Russ Worthington (USA)
The form only allows one selection to be made, though the intention seems to be "as many as fit the criteria" so my voting is not complete! Update ... Seems to work when editing original response
All ok now.
When you announce the votes I think it would be helpful to publish the total number of votes cast in each category.
Thanks for fixing the form.
Tamura Jones does not, to my knowledge, live in the USA. He lives in the Netherlands.
Thank you for fixing the single vote problem.
where is Jim Barnett?? 10 votes for him
Paula Stuart-Warren's name is spelled in error (not Sruart). Schelly Talalay Dardashti lives in the USA (not OTH).
We are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our genealogy circles.
I could not learn what I know without these rockstars. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Daniel Earl has spoken in CAN but is actually from USA.
Paula Stuart-Warren's name is mispelt as Sruart-Warren above
Jim Bartlett
Thank you so much for adding the one vote item (overheard people talking about how to play the system - multiple voting and getting friends, family and co-workers who don't do genealogy to vote for them! - at RootsTech this year and was really surprised and disappointed). Also it might be helpful to separate those who make their living/work for companies from those who volunteer (big difference timewise and supportwise for professionals). Very helpful list and fun to have input - thanks
What a wonderful list, John. Some marvellous individuals here!
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
There are so many good, well known genealogists on this list. Not voting for them is NOT to be taken as a rejection of their skills and abilities! I'm glad we have their contributions to the world of genealogy.
I believe ___ ___ should be dis-included from the voting, due to plagiarism offenses.
I have probably attended and enjoyed Celia Heritages talk in the last year, a speaker I highly recommend
Thank you for doing this. It's a great opportunity for us to to congratulate those who serve the community so freely.
Just closed my eyes and pointed. So many good people.
I would add Jim Bartlett on segmentology.
Katherine has been such an inspiration and has such a passion and knowledge of so many genealogy resources. I took 2 courses from her and I was blown away with all of the information that she has to share!
You missed out David Allen Lambert!
Thank you for the chance to vote.
Katherine R. Willson is a super, dedicated researcher and teacher. She's willing to help even those of us who are woefully behind the knowledge curve. She's patient and extremely thorough in her research and sticks to the rules of genealogy very strictly.
For Kirsty Gray, it is spelled wrong as Grey.
Thanks ever so for doing this, it gives us all an opportunity to thank and acknowledge the contribution given to the genealogy community by so many special people. Thank you John
Michele Simmons Lewis
I don't know if I missed a nomination request, but next year I would like to see Debbie Parker Wayne added to the list. I read all of her articles and blogs and have been in many of her classes.
You should have a selection to choose those you think shouldn't be on the list and whose presentations you would never attend. Some popular "genealogy professionals" are the worst presenters and are only in the profession for the almighty dollar. How about a non-Rockstar selection?
write-in: Rebekah Canada
Katherine has been working on my family background and I am amazed at what she has recovered. She is thorough and knowledgeable.
You still have plagiarist ____ ____ in the list... how can i take this seriously?
Michelle is an excellent presenter on a wide range of Genealogical Research topics and DNA as a research tool. She inspires everyone who hears her speak and gives so much of her time to help others. Always willing and with a smile with all she does.
Still no Australian's on the list, one of the best is Louise Coakley http://www.genie1.com.au/about
Janine Adams for a write in!
Barbara Rae-Venter..... can she be included in the vote?
I have some other folks that should be on this list. How do we add them? I would like to add Dr. Shelley Murphy (USA), Bernice Bennett (USA) Nicka Smith (USA) Angela Walton-Raji (USA), Melvin Collier (USA) Shannon Christmas (USA)
There are some DYNAMIC people of color based in the US who are speakers in demand on a national level in the USA--and they are bloggers, writers, and teachers in the genealogical level. They belong on this list that is calling out leaders in the genealogy community. They were WIDELY known and respected by many of the same people on this list. But why are they not here?? If possible I nominate: Nicka Smith, (USA), Bernice Bennett (USA) Shelley Murphy (USA), George Geder (USA) Melvin Collier (USA), Drusilla Pair (USA) Angela Walton-Raji.
Wish I could vote for more than one. I'd add Mark Lowe if I could.
This list is missing some very notable genealogists who should be on the list. They have great blogs, give numerous presentations at many conferences, give webinars, and have been doing genealogy for decades. How do I add the following people: Angela Walton-Raji (USA), Dr. Shelley Murphy (USA), Nicka Smith (USA), Bernice Bennett (USA), Melvin Collier (USA), George Geder (USA)?
I have observed other Genealogist in the US that are not on this list: Melvin Collier, Angela Walton-Raji, George Geder, Dr. Shelley Murphy, Nicka Smith, Bernice Bennett, Sharon Baptiste-Gillins, TL Dixon, Char McCargo Bah, Robyn Smith, Regina Mason, Dr. Deborah Abbott, Valencia King-Nelson, Sharon Morgan, Robin Foster, and Antoinette Harrell.
Please add Michael John Neill to this list.
Love having this opportunity again
I would also like to vote for Curtis Rogers of GEDmatch and Jim Bartlett of Segmentology.
Don't see Louise Coakley, Australia on this list. Would also vote for her.
My first choices are not on the list: W. Daniel Quillen and Amy Johnson Crow.
An almost tie would be Judith Russell.
Outstanding researcher over a multitude of years! There is no one better!
I'm connected to a number of others on this list via Facebook, but don't really follow their genie stuff per se
____ ____ has no business being on this list. (Remainder redacted)
Thank you for doing this, John. I look forward to the results.
Mike Quackenbush is the best Geneologist I know!!
Found my dad's sister that he never knew he had for 60 years! We now have a whole new part of our family and couldn't be happier of more grateful to Kirsty!
too bad we cant vote for ties (eg I'd see A OR B equally)
There are so many good ones on the list; it was hard to choose.
What exactly OTH means??? I am kind of slow/stupid and Google is not helping!!!
I know Tamura Jones won't 'win' this poll. She has to much class to ask amyone to vote for her. Tamura is one-woman innovation force, who has done more for our genealogy technology and methodology than anyone else, and a real award for all she has done for us is long overdue. BTW, I am sure she ins't USA, but Holland.
Rebekah A Canada (USA)
John Reid is missing and I would vote for him :)
FYI--It appears this nominee is encouraging people to submit more than one vote (unless I'm misinterpreting the "AND" in the 2nd paragraph): From: ____ ____ Subject: Rockstar Genealogists 2016 voting Date: September 7, 2016 at 9:34:45 AM EDT To: undisclosed-recipients:; Dear friends and family, Every year, John D. Reid opens a voting page to select the Rockstar from the English-speaking genealogy world; and this year again I was selected among the candidates for such recognition. I would appreciate very much if you will take 2 minutes of your time and visit this page to VOTE for me. You can do so from the ____ Google account AND from your personal account. Once you pass the initial form to collect stats about yourself, search for "____ ____" and check the box next to my name. Scroll down and click SUBMIT. I'm not sure till when the vote is open so please VOTE NOW ;-) Thanks in advance Best regards ____ ____
CeCe is my ROCKSTAR!
Would like to add one, Claire Brisson-Banks (USA)
Janet Few often gives talk to our village History Group and we find her knowledge is vast and her presentations most interesting.
She's the best genealogist I know to share everything she knows and can find. She's so easy to learn from and makes everything interesting.
Dan is very professional and knows so much about genealogy. He's a great speaker! I hope he wins!
Billie Stone Fogarty, current President of APG, should really have been nominated.
For the second year in a row, very disappointed not to see James Beidler listed as a choice.
Should include Joe Bott, Dead Fred
So difficult to just vote for one!
I wanted to vote for Andrew Tatham, author of The Group Photograph, but he is not on the list.


Kirsty Gray said...

Thanks for sharing the additional comments, John. Very interesting, although disappointing to see some churlish comments. I congratulate you on running this each year. You'll never please all the people all the time eh?!

Anonymous said...

Personally I would like to laugh over the redacted bits ....... Cheers, BT