16 September 2016

Rockstar Genealogists 2016: Genetic Genealogy

Join me in congratulating following top ten Genetic Genealogists who received most votes as Rockstar Genealogists 2016.

1. Judy G. Russell
2. CeCe Moore
3. Blaine Bettinger
4. Roberta Estes
5. Megan Smolenyak
6, Maurice Gleeson
7. Kitty Cooper
8. Bennett Greenspan
9. Debbie Kennett
10. Diahan Southard


Flameseh? said...

This is a wonderful group of talented, knowledgeable individuals who are always there to help. Hats off!

And many thanks John for creating a vehicle to honor them!

Larry Kettlewell

Celia Lewis said...

Every one of these genealogists have something unique and worthwhile to offer. Cool group...

Kitty Cooper said...

Thank you for doing this John!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to my cousin, Kitty. Dick

Diahan Southard said...

Thanks for putting together this list, I am honored to be making my debut as the caboose to this amazing train!