18 September 2016

Statistics Canada Crowdsource Mapping Pilot Project

Have you ever found an ancestral home or work location, long demolished, on a fire insurance map? If so you'll appreciate the picture it can draw of the structure and surrounding community.

Ottawa/Gatineau is the location of a pilot project to crowdsource location, physical attributes and other features of commercial, industrial, government and other buildings. Using openstreetmap the public will be able to input the location, physical attributes and other features. More immediately such data can support efforts of first responders, relief organizations and governments during humanitarian crises and inform policies and programs, perhaps such as those on heritage structures.

Find out more at http://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/crowdsourcing.

The pilot projects starts on 17 October. To subscribe to a distribution list for periodic updates on the project email statcan.crowdsource.statcan@canada.ca.

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