17 September 2016

Nuneaton & North Warwickshire Parish Records at TheGenealogist

TheGenealogist, working with the Nuneaton & North Warwickshire FHS, has published online fully searchable baptism, marriage and burial records for 454,525 individuals. It includes 300,000 baptisms, 90,000 marriages and 60,000 burials.
The newly added records are:

Knowle (Baptisms) 1682-1812
Knowle (Burials) 1682-1812
Knowle (Marriages) 1682-1812
Ansley St Laurence (Banns) 1762-1881
Ansley St Laurence (Marriages) 1754-1881
Ansty St James (Banns) 1773-1873
Ansty St James (Marriages) 1754-1881
Arley St Wilfrid (Marriages) 1754-1881
Astley St Mary The Virgin (Banns) 1799-1871
Astley St Mary The Virgin (Marriages) 1755-1881
Atherstone St Mary (Marriages) 1758-1881
Attleborough Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1854-1881
Austrey St Nicholas (Marriages) 1754-1881
Baddesley Ensor St Nicholas (Marriages) 1754-1881
Baxterley (Marriages) 1755-1881
Bedworth All Saints (Marriages) 1753-1881
Bentley St John (Marriages) 1837-1872
Brinklow St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1756-1871
Bulkington St James (Banns) 1756-1823
Bulkington St James (Marriages) 1754-1881
Burton Hastings St Botolph (Banns) 1774-1875
Burton Hastings St Botolph (Marriages) 1754-1881
Caldecote St Theobald & St Chad (Marriages) 1758-1881
Chilvers Coton All Saints (Banns) 1755-1881
Chilvers Coton All Saints (Marriages) 1754-1881
Church Lawford St Peter (Marriages) 1756-1862
Churchover Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1806-1881
Coleshill St Peter & St Paul (Marriages) 1754-1881
Corley (Marriages) 1754-1881
Coventry Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1754-1880
Coventry St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1760-1882
Curdworth St Nicholas & St Peter Ad Vincula (Marriages) 1754-1881
Exhall St Giles (Marriages) 1764-1873
Fenny Drayton St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1754-1865
Fillongley St Mary & All Saints (Marriages) 1755-1881
Foleshill St Laurence (Marriages) 1755-1880
Great Packington St James (Marriages) 1754-1881
Grendon All Saints (Banns) 1758-1881
Grendon All Saints (Marriages) 1754-1881
Hartshill Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1848-1881
Kingsbury St Peter & St Paul (Banns) 1816-1881
Kingsbury St Peter & St Paul (Marriages) 1754-1881
Lea Marston St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1754-1877
Little Packington St Bartholomew (Marriages) 1753-1881
Mancetter St Peter (Banns) 1778-1873
Mancetter St Peter (Marriages) 1754-1881
Maxstoke St Michael & All Angels (Banns) 1774-1820
Maxstoke St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1755-1880
Merevale St Mary The Virgin (Marriages) 1754-1881
Meriden St Laurence (Marriages) 1786-1879
Middleton St John The Baptist (Banns) 1759-1877
Middleton St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1754-1881
Monks Kirby St Edith (Banns) 1754-1875
Monks Kirby St Edith (Marriages) 1754-1881
Nether Whitacre St Giles (Marriages) 1756-1881
Newton Regis St Mary (Banns) 1768-1870
Newton Regis St Mary (Marriages) 1754-1881
Nuneaton St Mary (Marriages) 1878-1881
Nuneaton St Nicolas (Banns) 1757-1857
Nuneaton St Nicolas (Marriages) 1754-1881
Over Whitacre St Leonard (Marriages) 1753-1880
Polesworth (Marriages) 1868-1869
Polesworth St Editha (Marriages) 1754-1881
Seckington All Saints (Marriages) 1756-1881
Shilton St Andrew (Banns) 1812-1870
Shilton St Andrew (Marriages) 1754-1881
Shustoke St Cuthbert (Marriages) 1754-1881
Shuttington St Matthew (Marriages) 1757-1881
Stockingford St Paul (Marriages) 1824-1881
Walsgrave On Sowe St Mary (Marriages) 1758-1858
Warton Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1849-1882
Weddington St James (Marriages) 1770-1880
Willey St Leonard (Marriages) 1753-1881
Wilnecote Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1851-1881
Wishaw St Chad (Marriages) 1754-1879
Withybrook All Saints (Marriages) 1754-1881
Wolvey St John The Baptist (Banns) 1786-1881

The records are also available on TheGenealogist’s Society website FHS-Online.co.uk where societies get 100% of the income.

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