11 September 2016

Voting for Rockstar Genealogist 2016 now closed

A total of 2,053 votes were recorded. That's down from 2,376 last year which might be due to requiring a Google sign-in to vote, or could be because it deterred multiple voting.
By nationality of voter 54.5% were from the USA, 12.0% from Canada, 11.6% from England and Wales, 10.6% other/prefer not to specify, 6.1% Australia/New Zealand, 4.1% Ireland/Northern Ireland, and 0.5% Scotland. 70.5% of the voters were female, 28.3% male, and 1.1% other/prefer not to specify, about a 1.5% shift toward male from the previous year.
32.7% declared themselves to be genetic genealogists, up 1% from last year, with another 10.1% preferring not to specify.
Three voters declined to agree not to vote multiple times and consequently there votes were not included in the final tabulation. The impact was insignificant.
Silver and bronze medalist Rockstar Genealogists for 2016 will be announced at midnight EDT on Monday 12 September for all categories. Gold medal winners will be announced 24 hours later followed by extended lists by "nationality" of the genealogist, not of the voter as in previous years, on the following days.

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