24 September 2016

Toronto Branch OGS September Meeting

Cutting edge Toronto genealogist Paul Jones is the speaker for the Monday 26 September branch meeting main presentation  I’m not a Jones, but what am I?
The story of researching two successive generations of patrilineal illegitimacy to identify the hitherto unknown fathers and my “true” surname. This account involves a 25-year research odyssey and uses family oral history (and misinformation), all the usual and some not-so-usual documents, the patient advice of the late Ryan Taylor, a remarkable but puzzling Y-DNA test, and the power of autosomal DNA testing and segment matching.
The meeting starts at 7:30 pm at Eglinton St George's United Church, 35 Lytton Blvd, Toronto. Unfortunately it will not be live steamed.

There is also a mini-presentation by Ann Brown & Beth Adams: Indomitable Granny Brown/Auntie Belle

Check out the Toronto Branch website for other activities this fall.

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