25 May 2019

Adding Historical Events to Your Ancestor's Life Story

FamilySearch has recently expanded the capability of adding historical events during an ancestor's life to their Time Line. Perhaps like me, you remember where you were on 11 September 2001, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, or when you learned President Kennedy was shot and killed. Historical events in our ancestors’ lives like wars and economic depression can help us better understand who they were. Read more about it at this FamilySearch blog post.
At Ancestry, where I have an online tree, Historical Insights can optionally be included in a Life Story timeline. The events it chooses are automatically selected to be relevant to the location as well as the time.
What seems to be missing are floods, tornados, earthquakes and other natural events that can loom large in an ancestor's life. There are so many. It would add to the value of these timelines if one could add one's own historical events.

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