17 May 2019

Another Layer for Layers of London

A post in early April described a new London mapping facility called Layers of London. Now another layer of information, Charles Booth's Poverty Map (1886-1903) has been added.

Sourced from the London School of Economics which has long made the map available online along with the accompanying police notebooks, each street is coloured to indicate the income and social class of its inhabitants.


Paul Milner said...

Thanks John for spotting this. I am literally in the midst of updating my handout on Overlooked 19th and 20th Century Sources, which includes Charles Booth's survey so the timing was perfect. This is one of my handouts for the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Researcher at the University of Georgia in Athens. The 19 lecture handouts are due Monday.

Teresa said...

So cool - I already use the Booth Map a lot, but having it as a layer on LoL is even better :) Thanks for pointing it out!!