24 May 2019

Findmypast adds more Military Records

This week's additions at Findmypast are:

Prisoners of War 1715-1945
Over 876,000 additional records created by the International Committee of the Red Cross during the First World War have been added to the collection of Prisoner of War records. Between 1914 and 1918, all belligerent countries involved provided lists of prisoners to the ICRC, which created an index card for each prisoner and detainee.

The records in this collection are diverse and varied and comprise original source material provided by The National Archives, as well as transcript only records from other sources. The size and scope of these records make them a fascinating resource for genealogists and history enthusiasts alike. The records not only include military personnel but also civilians, diplomats, missionaries and merchant seamen.

Note that Canadian prisoners of the First World War are listed under Great Britain.

British Armed Forces, First World War Soldiers' Medical Records
Over 85,000 additional records have also been added to FMP's collection of First World War Soldiers' Medical Records. Including both transcripts and images of original documents, these records indicate when and where wounded, the nature of their disease or wound, the medical facility they were sent to and the dates of their treatment as well as details pertaining to their military career.

This collection comprises The National Archives' series, MH106, War Office: First World War Representative Medical Records of Servicemen. The original records were collected by the Medical Research Committee and then given over to the British Museum during the First World War although only a small percentage were retained. The records include admissions and discharge records from hospitals, field ambulances, and casualty clearing stations. You will also find records from Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital before the First World War, dating from 1910.

Canadians are included — enter Canadian under Corps.

British Armed Forces and Overseas Browse
Browse through more than 85,000 additional records from The National Archives related to births, marriages, and deaths of British civilians and members of the armed forces. The records include individuals who were working or travelling abroad or who were serving their countries overseas. The details found in each record will depend on the original source.

You can search the records by Description, which explains the subject of the records; by Place or Country; by Type, which can be 'at sea', 'consular', or 'armed forces'; and by The National Archives' Archive reference. A full list of the references and their descriptions are provided at the bottom of the search screen.

Britain, Physicians and Surgeons, 1830-1923
Thousands of pages from the Calendar of The Royal College of Surgeons in England and Members of The Royal College of Physicians. Containing over 31,000 names, these publications provide residence and years of appointment. Results are returned as a link to the appropriate page by year. You then have to click through to the searchable pdf page image.

Canada, Ontario, Oddfellows Life Insurance Applications images
Images have now been added to the index of Ontario, Oddfellows Life Insurance Applications published last week.

These two-page documents will reveal a range of additional information including marital status, membership details, medical history, the ages, state of health (if living) or cause of death of parents and siblings, the names of next of kin and physical descriptions.

International Records Update – Germany
Over 57 German million births, baptisms, marriages and burials are now available to search and explore on Findmypast. Consisting of three new indexes covering the years 1558 to 1958, these new additions will generate hints against your Findmypast family tree.

The new German collections now available on Findmypast include:

Germany Birth and Baptism Index 1558-1898
Germany Death and Burial Index 1582-1958
Germany Marriage Index 1558-1929

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