01 May 2019

Lancaster Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Society Online Archive

Here's an unusual family history resource of possible interest to those with ancestry from the area of Lancaster in Lancashire.
The Lancaster Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Society has been in operation for over a century and still going strong — if the website at https://www.lados.org.uk/home/ is any guide.
There you'll find a history page with a list of presidents and clickable links to most productions the society has staged since 1892; sadly that's shortly after my great-grandparents left nearby Quernmore.
The early years are still being worked on so you'll likely just see a thumbnail of the programme. Later years have details of the players and production team members. Many of those are clickable revealing the array of productions with which the person was involved.
While there's no name search on the site a Google search appending ... site:www.lados.org.uk/ ... to the name should find them.

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