31 May 2019

John Alywin Danby: CWGC Beechwood

While a student at Ottawa (Lisgar) Collegiate Institute John Alywin Danby enlisted in the 25th Battery in Ottawa on 23 March 1915. He gave his birthplace as Richmond, Ontario and date of birth as 1 June 1896, actually it was the same date but three years later.

He arrived in England in August 1915 and served in France from January 1916 as a driver with the Canadian Field Artillery in the 11th Battery.
Returned to England in May 1917 and furloughed to Canada in December 1917 he worked for the regular forces as a civilian employee.

He died on Saturday, 31 May 1919 near Windsor NS rescuing a colleague who could not swim when the canoe they were in on a survey capsized in a squall. His burial at Beechwood Cemetery was on 5 June.

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