15 May 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019

I had to smile reading an email that came in from Family Tree Maker promoting a three-day pre-order sale on the new edition FTM 2019.

"Not only on sale but at the best price for this upgrade you'll ever see. Just C$39.95 for the next three days  (50% off the regular upgrade price of C$84.95). And as if that weren't good enough, you'll also get a full year of TreeVault cloud services for FREE. Click here to learn more.
Number 2 on a list of 10 reasons to upgrade, TreeVault Cloud Services, includes Historical Weather™ which "puts colour in your family story with more than a billion historical weather records. Dates will never be boring again." The example:

I wonder how well it performs. Will we get "Twas a dark and stormy night."

In response to a query on what countries are covered for what time periods FTM only replied that further information would be forthcoming when the product is officially announced.


Toni said...

I've been so unhappy with the 2017 version I decided not to ever buy it again. I asked when 2017 would stop working altogether and got no reply. If it won't sync then it won't be useful any more. I don't want my only copy of my tree to be at ancestry.com. The day will come when they won't allow trees there for free or if they allow it, it will have so many strings attached it won't be useful. I know their trees bring in lots of revenue so I'm sure on line trees will always be available to paying customers.

Don said...

I agree with Toni. I got the 2014 edition and was promised many times that it would sync, after getting an update, and it never did. So, no more FTM for me either. I'm sure I can get the weather on the internet without FTM's help.

Unknown said...

To be fair to Family Tree Maker: while there have been syncing issues in the past, the 2017 edition works well for me and I would recommend it. It has been tolerant of me not syncing regularly, and I have a tree with 20,000+ people. It pays to sync when their 'Weather Report' says green, and I have found this status prevailing more often recently.

Teresa said...

I can't tell if this will work for those of us who don't yet own FTM - I'm assuming we still have to pay the full price for the new version? I do have a very old version, but no longer have the box with the serial # so can't prove it - it's an old Broderbund product from the early 2000s.