01 May 2019

Your Genealogy Today: May-June 2019

Roadside Attractions & Vacation Memories
David A. Norris looks at the snapshots, tourist traps, and folded maps that make family history memories
'Emotional Genealogy': Traveling Back to Your Roots
Lori Sims recounts a recent family history journey with her sister to South Bohemia
Genealogy & the Law
Judy G. Russell looks at why early statutes passed by Congress are important to genealogists -- US only.
Postage Stamps and Family History
Gil Fried discovers that stamp collecting can foster a better understanding for genealogy and researching the past.  Don't forget that an ancestor's DNA may be preserved behind a stamp.
The Stories Only You Can Tell
Sue Lisk recommends using and honing tools you already possess when crafting your family's story. Sue writes "Bare facts presented in isolation often fail to capture the interest of others." That's never a problem with Sue's writing who looks at incorporating knowledge,  background, network, style and humour in your family stories.
Jumping Into the Fray Family History
When research feels like one big battle, and you need strategies to succeed!
By Susan Aucoin Clark. An Ontario case study — puzzle solved.
Home by Another Way: Mind Maps Revisited
Sue Lisk looks at ways to gather those memories related to your family history. When I saw MindMaps in the title I thought not revisiting the ideas of Tony Buzan again. I've rarely found them useful. Sue didn't disappoint in that way — this is about plans for locations that may remain in an older family member's mind, and in other sources, and the recollections of the way of life it may prompt.
Turning On the Memory Tap
Karen Dustman offers some tips to help get the memories flowing when interviewing family members. Was there a special turning point that shaped your life? and many more suggestions.
Help! I’m Drowning in Documents and Photos
John M. Hoenig explains how he organized his documents and brought order to a chaotic collection. Sadly I already know how to organize my material 1000 times better than I do.
Language & Genealogy
Gena Philibert-Ortega warns against the confusion that can arise in using ambiguous abbreviations and not adhering to standards like day, month, year for dates.
The Back Page
Dave Obee looks at why you should test with as many DNA companies as possible

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