25 September 2020

Deceased Online adds Two Exeter Cemeteries

The first of Exeter City Council's cemeteries, Exwick and Topsham, are now available to view on www.deceasedonline.com

Exwick Cemetery, 23,387 records from 1877 to 2019
Topsham Cemetery, 6,747 records from 1856 to 2019

Records coming next to Deceased Online are from Exeter's Higher Cemetery, 73,779 records from 1862 to 2019.

The records comprise computerised burial records, maps showing the section in which the grave is located (where this has been possible), and grave details for each of the graves and their occupants. You can download PDFs of the index cards from Exeter Council's website.

Deceased Online is presently working on records from authorities in the East Midlands, London, the West Midlands, and the South East of England.

1 comment:

Tess said...

The Deceased Online website really is a wonderful resource - I found a lot of burials there for my family. Looking forward to the next addition of London resources.