18 September 2020

LAC Archives Search

LAC Archives Search will be closing soon. If you have saved links to search results, note that they will no longer be available. Use Collection Search for an improved search experience.

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Judy Lynn in Ontario said...

Unbelievable! I just tried the new improved replacement called COLLECTION SEARCH. I used one simple search term -- the name of my community since I know that LAC has dozens of records for that name/term.
Here is what I got:

UNEXPECTED: We are presently experiencing difficulties with “Collection Search”. Please try again later.
Our team is cu​rrently adding new features to the Collection Search. In the mea​ntime, you may notice some slowness or unexpected errors. We are working to r​esolve these issues and to bring you a better Collection Search experience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

0 result(s) found.


Make sure all words are spelled correctly
Try different keywords
Try more general keywords

Since I do know how to spell the name of my community, did type it correctly etc., what in heaven's name is going on!!! Even the words underlined in red make no sense whatsoever. I am so frustrated that I may literally start screaming. Again. and Again.