20 September 2020

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 finalists
From the BBC

Canada 1919
Tim Cook and Jack Granatstein discuss in a Champlain Society podcast. This is (informed) opinion —note the comment by Peter Hart in The Last Battle "The regrettable habit of Canadian historians in ascribing every military innovation of the Great War to the Canadians, and the Canadian alone, should not distract from their success in battle."

Library of Congress New Tool to Search More than 1.5 Million Historical Newspaper Images 
And where is Library and Archives Canada?  — MIA through the neglect of the newspaper collection.

Quick Service
There are several social media posts praising the GRO for much-improved response in supplying pdf birth and death certificates for England and Wales. Response for marriage certificates is slower.

How a Toronto woman discovered she has up to 600 half-siblings

Demons of the deep state: how evangelicals and conspiracy theories combine in Trump’s America

Thanks to this week's contributors: Ann Burns, Anonymous, Bruce Murduck, BT,  Gail Dever, Janice Wilkin, Sophronia, Tess, Unknown.


Anonymous said...

That Newspaper Navigator is terrific John. It can add a huge amount of local history to a family's story. Thanks and cheers, BT

Judy Lynn in Ontario said...

Although the concept of NEWSPAPER NAVIGATOR is absolutely wonderful, the actual results may not be. I tried several searches before broadening my search term to "Canada" in a rather narrow timeframe of 25 years. Here is the result of my search:

11/24/1901 The St. Louis Republic.
j - I ffV II ? V. I III R I fl U 'ssj " r - ai Nit' cjr.mu 11119 anernu'ui uuu evc-mu I II II Ilk V" I - II' " iE trE Jet'' ABT"C"l ,he faree corncd "Brown's In Town," will I II 1 1 I lb l WAS3r 'Lva I BlM W rl" be given In the com any .ire Chart, s Horn. I 1 1 II I lr - l V0r-L? J!lX essssf ssIX" Maurice Knit, Oorgc Lbner. Imanucl I tl U Vstf pSy "" "MT ' """ J" Ward. Gertrude Mllllngton. Helen Young V53 V i " and Monica ! ili Crobmin's engage- ry l '-y ment bctina to-morrow evening Ijet mo icnture this prediction about a play that is almo-rt sure to le a rage In a Sear's time, although at this moment It has not been written: The play will be called "The night-of-Vay," and it w-Ul bo a dramatization of one of the best books tint has bten writ ten In many a daj. It comes from the pen of Gilbert Parker...

Whatever it was that Gilbert Parker, one of our earliest Canadian novelists wrote, it is unrecognizable in the result I have copied here. Machine learning.