10 September 2020

Society of Genealogists: Genealogists' Magazine Sep 2020



William Henry Raymond/Layard (1813-1833)
Nancy B. Wilson 

The story of a Huguenot family and their descendant who met a mysterious end in the Marquesas Islands.

Wilcock of Thornhill

Discovering English Ancestors Website and New Databases on Dade Registers and Pre-1841 British Censuses
Amy Harris and Rebecca Curtis

Check it out at englishancestors.byu.edu. This is a work in progress.

A Catholic Apple - Richard Clarke of Myddle, Shropshire

Two Lost Opportunities for Reform: the Parliamentary Bills of 1753 and 1758
John Wintrip

What might have been! Crying over spilled milk.

The Story of a Friendship 1837-1894, by J.W. Sherer C.S.I.
Tim Cockerill 

Every picture tells a story
Helen Dawkins 

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