29 September 2020

Webinar: Pre-1869 Ontario BMD Records

On Thursday OGS partners with the Archives of Ontario and archivist Serge Pacquet to explain how Ontario births, marriages, and deaths were registered before civil registration was introduced in 1869, and where and how to search for them. This webinar, starting at 7 pm ET will also help you find other sources for births, marriages, and deaths available at the Archives of Ontario.

Everyone is welcome. Registration is high so please sign on early.

REGISTRATION LINK: [https://ogs.on.ca/zoom-meetings/webinar-2020-october-2/](https://ogs.on.ca/zoom-meetings/webinar-2020-october-2/?fbclid=IwAR2fecdhMIVncjq3UzG5pAnz3nECRNQbiMRzDwYaCHCIuY6SZgoYn3ahiH4)

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Carol K said...

Mine is more a question than a comment other than I am totally confused. I am starting research on my husband's great grandfather, Bazil/Bazile Joyal, 1810, from Quebec. I have seen Ontario and French Canadian used together and/or interchangeably so often. What is the correct place to do research or is it both? Help!