23 September 2020

Ethical Dilemmas, and the Psychology of Searching

A reminder about BIFHSGO's half day webinar coming this Saturday, 26 September from 9 a.m. to noon with Dr. Penny Walters.
If this webinar conflicts with other commitments, like the OGS AGM know that  those who pay the $20 registration fee will have access to videos of the presentations to watch at their leisure for several days following. 

These presentations are an opportunity to step back from routine concerns of how to research to look at broader issues.

Are some of the things that we are doing within our family tree research ethical? Have you asked people's permission to include them on your tree? What will you do if you discover secrets and lies, perhaps through a DNA test?  Should you tell your grandmother that her mother was six months pregnant when she got married? How do you approach people on your DNA testing site about matching and potentially collaborating?
Why do we research ancestors with whom we share so little DNA? Are we searching for who they were, or who we are?
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