17 September 2020

Do You Have a Peace Medal?

At BIFHSGO's Wednesday evening Zoom social society treasurer Marianne Rasmus showed a medal found in her family heirloom collection. She described the design and using a magnifying glass was able to read the description. Marianne asked if we could identify it further.

Super-sluth Ken McKinlay got on the case and within a couple of minutes had found articles in BC newspapers via newspapers.com. Here's one from the Vancouver Sun of 5 November 1919.

Judging by newspaper coverage presentation of Peace Medals to school children was strong in British Columbia. 

Birks Jewellers also marketed a Peace Medal, cost 25c each, across the country. 

The Pope issued one and there's mention in Australia.

Do you have a Peace medal in your heirloom collection?

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Bruce Murduck said...

The Toronto newspapers of June-November 1919 appear to have no articles or notices about such 'peace medals', so they were perhaps just local items? Both the article and the advert suggest that these might have been unique to the lower mainland in BC?