24 September 2020

Vote for these OGS Director candidates

The Ontario Genealogical Society AGM is happening online on Saturday at 11 am ET.

Although I have a preference I'm keeping my vote for OGS President to myself.

I don't know many of the candidates for Director. There are no doubt many good candidates I don't know. 

There are also a couple of excellent candidates I do and I won't be shy about naming them.

Heather Oakley has been a mainstay of Ottawa family history for many years -- despite her youth. She has been branch chair and secretary, contributed to The Ottawa Genealogist and co-organized the Ottawa Branch spring Gene-O-Rama event for years. Heather stepped in for the last month when Mike More had to withdraw organizing the last OGS conference in Ottawa, possibly the most successful, certainly financially of recent years.
That's the kind of on the ground dedication and capability needed on the board.

Stephen Young is running for a director position although he lives in Utah. Working for FamilySearch, an Ontarian by origin and knowledgeable about the province's genealogical resources, Stephen would bring a valuable link to a major genealogical organization and an international perspective.

Please include these excellent candidates among those you vote for.


Mike More said...

John, I would certainly second your recommendations. I have known and worked with Heather for years and she will certainly be an asset to the OGS Board. I have met Stephen on several occasions at Conference and he is also a great candidate.

Nancy in Kingston said...

I worked with both of them when I chaired Conference 2012 in Kingston -- and of course with Mike More too, who was my "backstop"! You and Mike state succinctly why Heather and Stephen should become directors.
All people elected to the OGS Board and Executive should be collegial and work for the good of those of us out in the Branches, not necessarily putting themselves at the centre of the universe as has been happening for a couple of years.

Linda Reid said...

There are 7 candidates for 6 director positions. You don't have to vote for 6 people. If you just cast votes for those you are really enthusiastic about, your vote will have more weight.