24 September 2020

MyHeritage Updates Theory of Family Relativity™ Results

If  you have DNA test results at MyHeritage you might want to check for something new.

An update has increased the number of theories on MyHeritage by 64%, from 20,330,031 to 33,373,070! The number of MyHeritage users who now have at least one Theory of Family Relativity™ for their DNA Matches has increased by 28%.

My personal experience, following the "View Theories" link below "MyHeritage has found theories that may explain how you and some of your DNA Matches are related" is 11 theories I'd not seen before. I'd none before. I've not had a chance to look at these in-depth but see one descended through a victim of the camp at Auschwitz in 1944.

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Unknown said...

That isn't even an option on my account at MyHeritage. Do I have to be a paid up member to see this?