02 October 2011

Canadian Genealogy Survey

Having encouraged others to participate in the Canadian Genealogy Survey, and as I was running ahead on other commitments, it seemed about time I did so. 

Undoubtedly the most challenging questions for me were how much time I spend on family history, and how much money.  Likely I underestimated these in my responses, perhaps even significantly underestimated.  It wasn't clear if the time I spend on researching and writing (and sometimes even spell and grammar checking) this blog should be counted. 

The fact is I spend relatively little time on my own family history research, more on participation in family history activities. As well as the blog these days preparing for presentations in Toronto on November 5th. There`s also tidying up lose sends after the September`s BIFHSGO conference.

If you complete the survey, and I hope you do, you might wants to estimate the time and money you spend before you start. 

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