02 October 2011

Crowdsource Family History

Inspired by the other posting in the blog today, on the Canadian Genealogy Survey, I'm asking your help.  

Most of you, faithful readers, are avid family historians. You probably have a circle of interest a bit different from mine.

So, what are the three most important websites that you consult regularly in your (family history) research?

Please post as a comment so that everyone can see. I do screen the posts, only to save you from spam, so your response won't show up immediately.



Mike More said...

John, these days I seem to be using Ancestry, FamilySearch and Mocavo. If I was working on my New England roots, American Ancestors.org would probably be in second or third place.

turner said...

Ancestry.com (I gave up and bought the world-wide package last year).
Find My Past.
Abebooks.com (for all used and out of print history and location research books.) Cheers.
Brenda Turner

Genigal said...

Scotlands People

Anonymous said...

As a beginning genealogist, I would have to say that Ancestry sites have given me a framework from which to work. However, how I access information depends on the family I am researching. Some aha moments-really exciting finds- have been through phone calls to distant public libraries, and connections with people-even cold calls. The Irish census for 1901 and 1911-free site- is very helpful. I get clues at lectures which have nothing to do with genealogy. Lately, newspaper articles and listings have been especially helpful. I could list many sources, including a brooch with engraving on it. Photos inspire me to look for information. Anne S.

Judy Gauthier said...

I use
www.nosorigines.qc.ca (for my French Canadian ancestors.
And Google.
I subscribe to several blogs (you, Dick Eastman, French Genealogy blog, Genealogy Canada, Genealogy in Time - which are all very informative.

Alison (Vancouver) said...

Familysearch.org (old and new sites)

But there's lots more than can be more useful, depending on the specifics of the search - Canadian census, Irish census, Ancestry, Deceasedonline etc

delynnpar said...

Ancestry.ca (I have a deluxe membership)
Library and Archives Canada
and several blogs: you, Dick Eastman and a couple of direct family ones

Unknown said...

Hi -
Ancestry, new.Family Search and Find My Past.
Rod Blaker

Persephone said...

FreeREG and FreeBMD
FamilySearch and Google Maps tie for third place.

Pamela Wile said...

Novascotiagenealogy.com is hands down number 1. I have lots of Nova Scotia ancestors.
#2 is Library and Archives Canada
#3 is Familysearch.org

I don't have a subscription to Ancestry but do use it when I visit Nova Scotia Archives or Halifax Public Libraries


Ellen Thorne Morris said...

I use Ancestry.com world edition daily, FamilySearch.org, and at the Family History Center down the street at the LDS church where I am a non-church member volunteer, several of their 13 free commercial databases, like Findmypast.
I read your blog daily, Eastman's, and Support which summarizes a lot of genealogy news.