18 October 2011

Migration evidence?

My interest in this blog is family history, while some of my readers extend that to anthropology, especially when DNA evidence is involved. I try to keep somewhat abreast by reading Dienekes' Anthropology blog, although it often goes way over my head. 

One of his postings that didn't was on the forthcoming release of results of the genetic analysis of Ötzi, the Tyrolean Iceman, at more than 5,000 years the oldest Homo sapiens sequenced so far. 

Dienekes' blog deals with how the analysis might help resolve a debate in favour of the theory that "prehistoric Europe was a dynamic patchwork of genetic-cultural units entering the continent from different routes at different times, gradually forming the cornucopia of its proto-historical ethnic groups."

While I don't understand how one person's DNA analysis would accomplish that be your own judge by reading the post at  http://dienekes.blogspot.com/2011/10/tyrolean-iceman-week-is-upon-us-and.html

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J said...

Thanks for your blog and interesting links. on the topic of anthropology, your readers may also like the documentary by W.Herzog and called The Cave of Forgotten Dreams. it proves that in Europe about 30,000 years ago there were artists of considerable skill with depicting the animals around them.