04 October 2011

FamilySearch: RCMP Obit card index

Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police obituary card index and notices, 1876-2007 is one of the first additions to FamilySearch for October.

Consisting of 9,476 images, the file contains:

The entries in the three RCMP obituary card index, 1876-2007 files are images of index cards with name, rank, registration number, date of death and a page reference for further information. The latter reference is usually to further information in the other files included.


Alison (Vancouver) said...

They may be coming but there's a problem at the moment. The links work but all I get is a Kodak greyscale image!

JDR said...

That's just the first page of the file Alison (Vancouver). Scroll forward to see further pages.

Brian Glenn said...

A great resource! I found the obits for my Grandfather and cousin. While I already had the dates, the Quarterly & Pony Express obits really make a story. Its a bit of a quessing game as to where in the 200-300 pages any particular person is mentioned but an old fashioned binary search works well.

Alison (Vancouver) said...

Thanks, John - thought of that!

Looks like another family myth debunked as the mountie in the family who died on duty around the turn of the 20th century isn't there!