04 October 2011

TNA podcast: Searching for British records in the new FamilySearch website

This talk, from 26 May, is an exceptionally clear, and friendly, description of Searching for British records in the new FamilySearch website by Sharon Hintze, the Director of the Family History Centre at South Kensington. I recommend it.

We are taken through the records for each of the components of the British Isles. Note that while there is apparently an entry for England in the version of the database used in the description I only see the England files under the general United Kingdom heading.

There is also a bit of a heads-up on forthcoming content under Trees from the main FamilySearch page, and a brief mention of some of the issues with the new website.

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Chris Paton said...

When you click on United Kingdom on the left column, once onto the Historical Records page, you get 45 collections - 38 of them for England, four for Wales and three for 'Great Britain', though no Scottish databases are included. Sharon's talk suggests just going down the titles on the Historical Records page itself, though concedes that as more material is added it will become more difficult to navigate. In doing so you will also find records from Ireland (from the period when in the UK and after the south's departure) and Scotland.

There are also several other datasets from the British Isles that can be reached this way, including from the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (mainly Guernsey). It's an excellent presentation.