17 October 2011

Leslie Huber presentation in Ottawa

It was my pleasure to attend the Ryan Taylor memorial lecture on Saturday morning in the auditorium at LAC featuring US genealogist Leslie Huber. She had driven here with family to enjoy a short vacation, and her birthday.

The talk was on her explorations of her ancestry, especially the German and Swedish lines. That was a refreshing change for many of us who never need to look at those nationality records. The presentation was enhanced by readings from her recent book relating interesting and amusing anecdotes on her research experiences.

At many points in the presentation she gave research tips, nothing very new for the not large but appreciative audience who were mainly experienced researchers.

I wonder if the Ottawa Branch of OGS, the sponsor of the Ryan Taylor lecture, and BIFHSGO could get together to cosponsor this event in the future. This would give it a greater profile, larger attendance if it became a joint monthly meeting, and be appropriate as Ryan had addressed both Ottawa Branch and BIFHSGO events.

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