28 October 2011

Family Chronicle: Nov/Dec 2011 issue

In the new issue of Family Chronicle has articles by many of the usual suspect authors, and also one author I didn't recognize, J. H. Fonkert CG. The article is about finding a maiden name, a common problem. 

I expected an informative article as the CG indicates a genealogist certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) in the US, and I wasn't disappointed.

BCG could help promote itself by encouraging the placement of this type of article in more popular newsstand journals, with far greater reach than the academic NGS quarterly, even if the article must exist without a single citation!

The table of contents for the issue is:

Irish Naming Conventions
Rick Norberg offers some tips and advice on researching the names of your Irish ancestors
Ten Tips for Reading German Parish Registers
Gail Blankenau shows how to successfully mine for information in these valuable resources
The Etting Connection
Constance R. Cherba documents her research into a Hollywood actress and torch singer
Border Families
According to Diane L. Richard, some ancestors were hard to pin down, and for good reason!
Ontario Land Records
Guylaine Petrin introduces a useful collection of records for Canadian genealogy
Harsh Realities: Confronting Difficult Times in the Lives of Our Ancestors
Diane Dittgen looks at certain events in history that impacted our ancestors' lives
Google+ Hangouts
Dan Lynch introduces us to one of the great new online tools for family historians
The Married Name Problem
J.H. Fonkert, CG documents his quest to discover an elusive maiden name for Mrs. Katie Romkie
Using School Censuses
Leland K. Meitzler teaches the finer points of how to use these enlightening records
Researching London Ancestors: Book Reviews
John D. Reid reviews two recent books that might help you find your London branches
What is Your Genealogy Season?
Lisa A. Alzo gets us thinking about what kind of genealogist we might be
Burial Location 101
As Jacky Gamble discovered, not all cemeteries are created equal

A note from the Ottawa Irish genealogy group arrived earlier in the week pointing out that the Family Chronicle web site - www.familychronicle.com - has a side bar with an item titled "How To" Archives. If you click on that there is a whole list of articles which contain a ton of web sites for Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, Canadian, and American web sites, as well as web sites for newspapers, etc. Worth exploring.

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