15 October 2011

WWII escapers and evaders

There are just 10,529 records in this findmypast.co.uk/ index to records at TNA.

Each entry in the index gives name, rank, number, corps and the reference to the original file; some also give details of decorations, date of capture, the camp in which they were held, and/or the date of escape, for example, across the border into Switzerland.

Here is a Canadian example. Is this the same B F Macdonald who later served as Major-General commanding the United Nations India-Pakistan Observer Mission?

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CMA said...

Thanks John. I found my Dad and the pilot of his plane who evaded capture after their Lancaster was shot down over occupied France in 1944. A third survivor was captured and sent to a POW camp. I could not find his record in this index. I didn't know that any of these RCAF records were at Kew.