05 October 2011

Google for the Wise Genealogist

The following is an announcement from the magazine Internet Genealogy.

"Genealogical Studies.com and Internet Genealogy have partnered to offer a great online course to readers who want to learn more about Google.

Sign up for Google for the Wise Genealogist through this page (see links below) and get a FREE 56-page copy of Family Chronicle's Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google* — a $10.45 value (incl. shipping)! You must sign up through this page to receive your free book**. Course will be conducted through GenealogicalStudies.com.

REGISTRATION FEE: $89.00 (plus applicable taxes in Canada)

Visit: www.internet-genealogy.com/google_course.htm to sign up!"

Instructor Gena Philibert-Ortega offers the course each month. Categorized as at the intermediate level, it lasts 10 weeks, that's according to information at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies website which also gives the following course outline:

Module 1
Getting Started with Google

  • Websites
  • Glossary

    Google Account
    Google Alerts
    Google Toolbar

    Module 2
    Getting the Most Out of the Google, the Search Engine
  • Websites

    What Will a Search on Google Find?
    Structuring Your Search

    Searching on Google
  • Any Time
  • Timeline

    Search Techniques
    Google Your Ancestors

    Search More Specifically
  • Cached Results

    Continuing Your Search
    Additional Resources

    Module 3
    Map Your Ancestors!
  • Websites

    Using Google Maps to Find Your Ancestor’s Home
  • Ways to View a Google Map 
  • Images on Google Maps
  • My Places Features
  • Examples for Using My Places

    Google Maps Labs
    Google Maps on the Go

  • Limitations to Panoramio
  • Setting Up an Account on Panoramio
  • Using Panoramio

    Google Earth
  • Using Google Earth

    Additional Resources

    Module 4
    Google Books: The Best Non-Genealogy, Genealogy Website
  • Websites

    Introduction to Google Books
  • What Types of Books Will You Find?
  • Preview Options
  • How to Find Books Not Digitized by Google Books
  • Searching on Google Books

    My Library
  • Using My Library

    Additional Resources

    Module 5
    Collaborate with Google Docs
  • Websites

    Introduction to Google Docs
  • Using Google Docs for Word Processing
  • Using Google Docs for Spreadsheets
  • Using Google Docs for Presentations
  • Google Docs Templates
  • Collaborating with Others

    Module 6
    Blog Your Family History
  • Websites

    Blogs and Blogging
  • Creating Your Blog
  • Maintaining a Blog
  • Ways to Use a Blog for Genealogy 
  • Features of Blogger
  • Next Steps for Your Blog

    Using Google Reader to Follow Other Blogs
  • Finding Blogs

    Module 7
    Google News
  • Websites

    Google News Archive

    Google Scholar & Google Patent Search
  • Websites

    Google Scholar
  • Using Google Scholar for Genealogy

    Google Patent Search
  • Searching on Google Patent Search 
  • Your Ancestor’s Patents and Others Similar To It

    Parlez-vous Français? You Can with Google Translate
  • Websites

    Google Translate
  • Introduction to Google Translate
  • Languages Supported
  • Translate

    Additional Resources

    Module 8
    Even More: Other Google Products 
  • Websites

    Google Groups

  • Uploading to YouTube

  • Organize and Edit Photos through Picasa

    Google Sites
    Google’s Blog

    Additional Resources
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Webinars 

  • Comment:  This is posted for information only. I'm in no position to advise on the course suitability for any particular person.   

    1 comment:

    Cannuk said...

    Lisa Louise Cooke did a very good webinar on just this topic at www.rootsmagic.com/webinars, and you can view it for free. Granted, it does not go into this much detail, but it is still pretty good for just over an hour.

    Also, she is doing seminars on Google in Victoria on Oct. 29, sponsored by the Victoria Genealogical Society. Details are at www.victoriags.org. If you are on the Island or in the Lower Mainland, you might want to give that a go.