21 October 2011

Is Canada Neglecting Its Journalistic Past?

"This country stores its newspaper archives, stack by stack, in a basement and three old warehouses in Ottawa—with little public access. Paper of Record, Bob Huggins’s ambitious digitization project, would have changed that, but it’s history now."
That's the sub-head on this article by Ashleigh Gaul from the Ryerson Review of Journalism. Twelve paragraphs of worthwhile reading if you care about accessing our collective heritage.


Anonymous said...

LAC is saying they want input:

LAC Listens

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) wants to hear from you.
Go to www.LACListens.ca to fill out our short survey. Thank you!

Bob Huggins said...

LAC listens to whom? My experience as a global pioneer in the digitization of historical records, was at the very best insulting, and at worst demonstrated to me the lack of vision that exists in this plodding institution.

Our collective history deserves a much better fate!

Bob Huggins
Cold North Wind

WJM said...

Bob, if you ever want to re-grow PoR as a quality subscription service for those who care about history (and are willing to pay a little for it), I'd love to join. Or work for you.