08 October 2011

FreeBMD October update

The FreeBMD Database was updated on Friday 7 Oct 2011 and contains 206,977,723 distinct records (262,641,105 total records).

For births there are substantial gaps in the database between 1939 and 1945, and after the mid 1950s.

Marriages are virtually complete to 1951, except for the last quarter of 1920.

Deaths have a few gaps, the second quarter of 1863, the last quarter of 1883, the last quarter of 1919, the third quarter of 1946, the third and final quarters of 1951, and from 1953 onwards.

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Judy said...

I've had great success using Postems on FreeBMD, as explained in my article on UK/Australia Genealogy. I've now had two 'new relatives' contact me that way.