01 October 2011

TNA podcast:Out of the way of mischief

Briony Paxman of TNA's Modern Domestic Records Team presented this talk live on 22 September. It's unusual to have talks available as podcasts so soon after the presentation.

The talk is on the records held by TNA on "children identified as vagrant, neglected, disorderly, in danger of corruption, or in the case of reformatory schools, already convicted of an offence, were taken out of their home environments and detained in institutions in which they would receive the sort of discipline and moral instruction it was feared they did not receive at home."

Some of these children eventually came to Canada as home children, including one mentioned named William James Brown who came in 1913 for which there is correspondence on file at TNA. He would appear to have been in a Barnardo's party.

The volume during the talk is notably lower than in the introduction, and Ms Paxman appears to be reading the presentation, Neither detracts unduly from an informative presentation.

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